Cell Recipe Plus

Cell Recipe Plus is the No.1 health / energy supplement available today with no harmful banned stimulants or hormones. Cell Recipe Plus supports your body's extra energy needs for peak performance and your body's ability to quickly rebuild itself in times of physical and emotional stress;Cell Recipe Plus neutralizes free radicals; Cell Recipe Plus oxygenates body cells; Cell Recipe Plus regulates body pH; Cell Recipe Plus strengthens your body to fight against infections of bacteria, fungi and viruses; Cell Recipe Plus acts as an adaptogen in your body to regulate homeostatic balance; Cell Recipe Plus acts as an immune modulator; Cell Recipe Plus enhances absorption of nutrients and increases the potency of your food supplements; Cell Recipe Plus supports detoxification and cleansing.

What Is Cell Recipe Plus?

Cell Recipe Plus is a unique super electrolyte oxygen supplement drink that has the ability to cause the release of nascent oxygen (O) from the water molecule (H20), and neutralizes free radicals to form oxygen.

Cell Recipe Plus is set to be a superior product of the future. It is primarily a product based on deuterium sulphate technology blended with the finest plant source amino acids and enzymes, sea water angstrom colloidal trace minerals and energized purified water that contribute to its amazing properties. It is a multi-dimensional, super energized, life energizing liquid. Cell Recipe Plus is a product of science that includes chemical, physical, biological and electrical properties. It uses Di-base/Di-pole Deuterium Sulphate technology which combined with its unique recipe offers a superior ability to neutralize free radicals and provides an incredible oxygen source to all of the body cells.

The deuterium sulphate technology used in Cell Recipe Plus was originally created in 1949 by Lee "Teddy" Reynolds, a missile scientist who developed Sonic Ear Valve for military force, Artificial Horizon System for planes to fly upside down and he also developed Nitrogen Filling System for ballistic missiles.

Cell Recipe Plus differentiates itself from the rest of Deuterium Sulphate oxygen supplement products by its concentration and enhanced formulation. Besides, instead of using ordinary purified or distilled water to make deuterium sulphate, Cell Recipe Plus uses proprietary, highly energized water that is already rich in dissolved oxygen to blend the product. These enhancements are meant to optimize the potency and to deliver utmost health benefit to the users.